We Believe in Giving Back

We believe the one True Myth is Mother Nature. We have benefitted from her gifts as we make True Myth Wines and we believe in doing all we can to maintain her omnipresent influence through sustainability and wildlife conservation.

The Milkweed Project

There has been a dramatic reduction in milkweed populations across the nation. Milkweed plants have been greatly affected by the increase is herbicide and pesticide use in the United States. Monarch butterflies lay their eggs solely on Milkweed plants, so without milkweed, Monarchs have nowhere to lay new eggs. This is a problem unique to Monarchs as they are the only species of butterfly that needs Milkweed as a habitat during reproduction.

Our Mission

Save the Butterflies

At True Myth Winery we are dedicated to helping to create a milkweed habitat on California’s Coast to give our beautiful Monarchs a place to lay their eggs and raise their young. We are currently testing milkweed plantings in a location on the California Coast that is out of the way and undisturbed. Our goal is to find the proper species of milkweed to plant on the California Coast that will survive over winter and provide the perfect stopover for migrating Monarchs. Additionally, we are ensuring that the plot of milkweed we plant will be far away from the influence of herbicides and pesticides so they will not disturb the Monarch eggs. Once we determine the proper species, we'll plant a large crop of milkweed, along with other pollinating plants with a nice rosemary border, in hopes of attracting a lively bee and butterfly habitat. Once we have growing and thriving milkweed plants, we will also be able to harvest the seeds to give away to others to plant themselves.

Creating habitats to help the Monarch population in the US is important to us, as we strive to nurture and maintain all of Mother Nature’s creations.


Monarchs spotted at the Pismo Butterfly Grove in 2016


Generations of Monarchs that live in one year


Different species of milkweed exist in North America.

SIP Certification

What is SIP?

Certification is a rigorous sustainable vineyard certification with strict, non-negotiable requirements. The program is dedicated to the three P’s of Sustainability—People, Planet, and Prosperity—and ensures that both natural and human resources are protected. They are committed to standards based on science and expert input, independent verification, transparency, and absence of conflict of interest.

They pride themselves on the program’s rigor and integrity, which have earned SIP the reputation as being the gold standard for sustainable certification.

Elements of “Sustainability in Practice” Certification

  • Annual Certification
  • Third Party Audit
  • Biodiversity and Habitat
  • Farm & Pest Management
  • Water, Soil, and Energy Conservation
  • Air, Fruit, & Water Quality
  • Social Responsibility
  • Continuing Education
  • Sound Business Practices
  • Community Relations

SIP Certified

The SIP Certified seal indicates the commitment on behalf of our team to preserving and protecting the natural environment, treating our employees and community with care, and sound business practices with a long-term outlook.

Owl Boxes

We provide multiple owl boxes throughout our vineyard to encourage nesting for predatory birds, which helps maintain rodent populations.


Our goats help keep our natural vegetation areas from becoming too overgrown, which provides protection for our waterways and helps maintain wildlife habitats.

Jack Rabbits

There are numerous jack rabbits living in our vineyard, which is an indication of biodiversity and a healthy ecosystem.